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I understand well the construction and components that go into the making of a good guitar, I build them.  I also understand the sentimental attachments that can be formed with an instrument.  It does not  matter if it is a prewar Martin or a '60s Stella, I know it's important to you and important that it plays well.  From the simple to the complex all repairs and adjustments are of the highest quality.  If someone has told you "forget about it" or "it's not worth it" give me a call.  It's a great feeling handing over a guitar to a owner who thought it was ruined.

A high percentage of the time problems with your instrument can be corrected with minor adjustments.  A proper setup for you and your style of playing are extremely important.  This process will insure that the action is right for you and that the intonation of the instrument is correct .  Even a slight thing like changing string types can affect the over all sound.   There are many small things that can effect the instruments full potential, a proper setup can correct that.

I find it difficult to set in stone repair prices, having seen some surprising things over the years I find it best to inspect the instrument before I quote the cost. However, here is a rough estimation of a few of the services offered.

Proper Setup $80
Fret leveling/crowning $125
Re-Fret $250 - $325
Nut replacement (bone) $55
Saddle (compensated bone) $65
Chip repair $45 and up
Crack repair $25 per inch
Brace Repair Inquire
Broken Headstock $125 - $175
Neck Reset $225
Amplification Fishman $250 - $450

The main goal is to make it play and make it play well....

The best advice I can give is to just make an appointment and drop  by the shop.

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