Why buy a custom guitar? 


  • The quest for the ultimate custom guitar is becoming an increasingly popular pursuit.  For some, it’s the culmination of a lifetime of fantasizing and playing the wrong guitars; for others it’s just one more positive experience they’d like to undergo. 


  • There are many good reasons to order a custom instrument rather than buy one “off the shelf.”  Some players have special needs, such as a specific neck shape or shorter scale length to accommodate their hands.  Others may want a combination of woods and features that isn’t commonly offered in production models.  Not to mention the attention to detail, there is not a one size fits all mentality.  Hand voicing and tuning a soundboard is an art in itself, no two pieces of wood are the same and never should be treated as such. I am a huge fan of Martin guitars, they build some of the finest acoustics in the world, for a factory.  Martin's soundboards fit into a one size fits all mentality, there is no variation of thickness do to grain structure and stiffness.  A very important part in maximizing the energy produced by the bridge.  There’s also an ever growing number of guitarists who simply want a guitar made by a builder they can look in the eye-an individual Luthier rather than a band of anonymous factory workers (they are still some of the best guys I know).


  • How clearly must you know your own style, likes and dislikes before considering a custom built guitar?  In truth, as long as you’ve done a bit of homework, a good Luthier will guide you through the process and help with decision making along the way.  Although many luthiers prefer a well-educated customer, it’s part of their job to teach you what you need to know.  I look forward to sharing the experience with you.



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